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Enlightenment in a digital world


BIO - Who am I and why should anyone care?
I'm Ron Russell and I aim to show just 2 other people a better way to live their life. I want just 2 people to look at the impact that I've had on their life and honestly and truly say: "My life has been enriched by Ron Russell's involvement, and I will reflect fondly on him in my final years".

It's my sincere hope to change the world 2 people at a time.

Where I've lived - Iowa, Illinois, California, Alaska, Iowa, North Carolina, Arizona. I landed in Arizona around 15 years old and have never left (and probably never will=good thing).

What I've "done" - "Fast speed" roller-skate racer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy book connoisseur, Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, Door to door vacuum cleaner salesman, Dishwasher/Busboy, Wicca practitioner, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention attendee, Computer Operator, BBS Sysop, "Nerd", alt.2600 meeting attendee, Hacker, Photon champion, Systems Operations, Shamanism practitioner, Kabbalah practitioner, "Geek", Husband, Father, IT engineer, Father x2, IT Manager, IT Director, IT Engineer, single dad, confirmed bachelor and not looking, Burning Man participant, married, IT manager (again), Father x3, single again, Sr Manager of a Global team in fortune 500 company.
That's in roughly chronological order. Can you notice how as things get later and later in life that they become more about family and work. Is that what I want the rest of my life to be? Work and waiting for "life events" to happen to me?


Buddhist, Burning Man, Dungeons & Dragons,